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Katyusha, Reynard the Fox.
She is the closest our girl up to the arrest. She is both an interpreter and a model. But she is also a good photographer. Why do we call her Reynard the Fox? It is a character from the children’s fairytale subtle Reynard the Fox. Sometimes we were joking:» Katya! If something is going to be wrong would you rat on us?” And in that moment we were giving the answer instead of her. «She would rat on us without any doubt!» She made everything in order Katya not to be attracted as an accused in our case. She was crying in the dozens of cabinets of the Prosecutor’s Office. She had the worst statements in the court. In the Prosecutor’s Office she was interrogated by everyone. My wife Irina was put into the prison according to her statements. But to tell the truth she is not angry at her she just spares her… Both she and the “victim” were crying, they told that they were afraid of us; they also asked not to let me out of the prison. Just several days ago our “victim” was lamenting over in the courtroom once more, she got 500000 rubles as a moral damage. I believe that by this day she has already spent the money. But Katya’s case differs from it, the sum is equivalent 50000 rubles but Katya stole our money a few days before the arrest! I think both she and Vasya Lvov knew about the arrest long before. After the intimate contact with the crime investigator Chernyshov S.V. a big sum of money was drawn out from both mine and Irina’s credit cards. All this time the investigator had our credit cards and Katysha knew the passwords for these cards……..The search protocol was rewritten by the investigator and of course by the time when our case was closed we had not find the credit cards. These all the deals of Reynard the Fox!

From the diary of her friend
The history of a star….
So I will tell you what has happened today. I was going home from school when suddenly Anastasiya rang me up and I heard her voice calling from the phone: “Fillip it is a surprise! Check out the email». Of course I missed my bus stop…I came home as soon as it was possible. To tell the truth I wanted to see Jenny’s diary web address. I was dreaming about it but no when I opened this unknown page and………………Yahooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Naked Petrik! We played with Katyha Petrova different games in the yard just several years ago and now she is nude in the internet!!!!!!!!! I was down and out…..I started revising the facts. I remembered that somebody had told me about it but I had not believed it….I thought it was false all this time. I also remembered that the whole school was discussing these photos…
I did not find the porno files with her only erotic files….but it also matters.
……she was such a pretty girl in the blue shorts……
This is our live when we live and do not our friends at all….
Her fiend also rat on Katya, I think it is their nature to do such things…

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  1. On Galitsin blog, I’m not a subscriber, I’m the author. I’m going to write his own version. Maybe I’ll come back and I will be back to do interviews with the models!

    На блоге Галицына, я не подписчик, я автор. Я буду писать свою версию. Возможно я вернусь и снова буду делать интервью с моделями!

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