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Hi Katie! Thanks for the add. You were my favorite model on Galitsin’s site years ago, and I was sad to see everything fall apart after he ran into legal troubles (which sounds like was partially his fault and partially a political setup, but I don’t know what all the details were there) . The past is the past, though; how do you like living in the US? A friend of mine used to live in Texas, but he moved to Moscow a few years back due to work and I’m not sure he has really fully adjusted yet to living in another country with a very different government.

What do you do these days? I’m assuming you have retired from modelling after the Galitsin fiasco.

I’m so sorry for everything you went through, especially with that photographer, Galitsin. I know you may not have felt that he was hurting you, but I believe you are worth more as a human being than for people to just value you on your looks alone. I know you are an extremely creative, bold, boundless person, and I do respect that. But I just sense you’ve been through some serious pain, not even from Galitsin. I truly hope you’re taking care of yourself and I hope that one day you will realize you were not worth those photographs. You are worth more because God made you. And because you’re His daughter you should be honored for the incredible, selfless, inquisitive, bright character you have. I hope you know you’re valued and gifted.

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  1. On Galitsin blog, I’m not a subscriber, I’m the author. I’m going to write his own version. Maybe I’ll come back and I will be back to do interviews with the models!

    На блоге Галицына, я не подписчик, я автор. Я буду писать свою версию. Возможно я вернусь и снова буду делать интервью с моделями!

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